Sommelier Dev Reed Uncorks His Debut Hip-Hop Single “Wine, Wine, Wine”

In a world where beats and bottles collide, Sommelier Dev Reed unveils a new creation—a musical ode to the intricate world of wine.

Crafted with the precision of a seasoned sommelier and the soul of a musician, what sets Reed apart isn’t just his encyclopedic knowledge of wine—it’s his ability to bridge the gap between high culture and pop culture, bringing wine appreciation to a whole new audience.

Monarch had the privilege of sitting down with Reed to discuss his inaugural single and the inspiration behind it. “Wine, Wine, Wine” is not your typical hip-hop track—it’s a celebration of wine in all its diversity, featuring a staggering 42 different wine types, regions, or brands. From Jay Z’s Ace of Spades champagne to lesser-known gems from small, female-owned, and black-owned wineries, Reed’s lyrical prowess shines as he pays homage to the rich tapestry of the wine world.

As the wine consultant behind NBC’s wine-centric comedy sitcom “Grand Crew” and the host of his own YouTube show “Wine & Culture LA,” Reed has made it his mission to make wine accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

MW: Your background as a sommelier is evident in the meticulous attention to detail in your song. How do you balance your expertise in wine with your passion for music?

DR: [Like so many people, I became a music fan early in life, so that rhythm & excitement surrounding music was always there. So whether it’s me rapping in the shower or in the car, that passion for music always existed. Once I entered the wine world, that passion never left, and so now I had 2 passions to pull from. The song is just a byproduct of all that.]

MW: Could you walk us through your creative process when crafting “Wine, Wine, Wine”? How did you ensure that the lyrical content resonated with both wine aficionados and hip-hop fans?

DR: [That’s a great question – by no means am I a rapper (laughs), but I know wine. So I wanted to start with the beat. I needed to know what type of canvas I had to work with. I hit up Phil Augusta Jackson, who’s the creator of Grand Crew, and Carl Tart from the show as well. Phil’s an established artist so he helped me with a few questions of the technical parts about being an artist, and Carl introduced me to Ahsohn the DJ, who created the beat. Ahsohn is a really talented guy that has that ear for music & quality. I loved the beat he created, so I started writing the lyrics. I kind’ve knew a few of the things I wanted to talk about in the song, and I just went to the studio and banged it out. The wine references are there and I also hope people get an overall enjoyment of the song as well.]

MW: Your track features an impressive 42 different wine types, regions, or brands. How did you go about selecting these wines to include in your song?

DR: [The wineries that I name at the end of the song are some of my favorites! Whether it’s because I’ve visited there, know the brand or the staff personally, or just love the product, I felt like they deserved a shout-out. Others that are in the song are wines that I like, or don’t like (laughs), and they made it in the song because there’s some sort of a personal story or feeling surrounding them.]

MW: How do you see “Wine, Wine, Wine” contributing to the broader conversation surrounding diversity in the wine industry?

DR: [Different ethnicities experience and interpret wine in different ways. What tastes like one thing to one person doesn’t always taste like the same thing to the person standing next to them. We’re all drawing from our own personal experiences when we enjoy wine. So it’s critically important to have diversity of thought, diversity of experience, diversity of voices in not only the wine industry, but every industry, so that industry is representative of a broad audience. Companies die when they get stuck in narrow mindsets and refuse to evolve.]

MW: What do you hope listeners will take away from “Wine, Wine, Wine”? How do you envision your track shaping the future of both hip-hop and wine culture?

DR: [I hope people just enjoy it and say, “damn that’s dope”! I’m not sure how it’ll all shape the future, but I hope it inspires people to continue to tell their stories! The song is truly unique so I hope it serves as an important bookmark in wine history.]

MW: Lastly, what’s next for Dev? Do you see yourself continuing to explore the intersection of music and wine in your future projects?

DR: [Well, I never show my cards but I have so many cool wine things I’m working on right now that will be revealed when the time is right! As far as future wine & music projects, I’ll never say never. This has been a fun experience for sure.]

Reed is redefining the boundaries of both wine and music culture. But, for Reed, “Wine, Wine, Wine” is more than just a song—it’s a statement, a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in an industry often marked by exclusivity.

With his sights set on shaping the future of both industries, Reed invites listeners to raise a glass and join him.

Listen to “Wine, Wine, Wine” on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, and follow Dev Reed on Instagram.

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