Alpha Omega

With over 400 wineries to choose from, Northern California’s Napa Valley has a wide selection of outstanding wineries. To kick off our Freshman edition of Monarch magazine we have chosen to feature a stalwart and personal favorite: Alpha Omega.

Our publication is intended to give our audience an honest opinion of wine that we just can’t stop thinking about. Consuming wine can become an addictive pastime. Cheap wine is a gateway drug. At some point in your 20’s, you start to appreciate wine perhaps for reasons beyond your awareness. You’ll explore your local wine shop and make your first purchases from the lower racks, but as time goes on, your gaze will ascend to higher shelves. Monarch aims to become the arbiter of the highest shelf, and Alpha Omega winery holds an honorary perch.

I was introduced to Alpha Omega by Monarch’s cofounder Christina Rodehau around 10 years ago (Christina is a member of the winery). We have since enjoyed bottle after bottle. Recently we shared Alpha Omega’s “Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012” on Thanksgiving, and it was fantastic. I’ve tasted their 2012 vintage in the past, but it didn’t leave me with the same impression. Thinking back on it, Alpha Omega’s ’12 Cabernet needed to hold its own against a pricey old world red with some age on it; it did exceptionally well.

Below we’ve listed a few of our favorite bottles produced by Alpha Omega and a description provided by Master Sommelier Robert Bath.  


2012 Alpha Omega Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

“All wine should get better with age. Some wines, however, get much better with age and this wine is an excellent example.

At seven years of age, this wine has reached a wonderful place in its development with

just the right combination of vibrant fruit, balanced tannin and refreshing acidity.

The good news is that this great balance should continue on for several years to come.”
– Robert Bath, MS


2014 Alpha Omega Petit Verdot Dr. Crane Vineyard Napa Valley

Planted originally in the 1860’s, Dr. Crane Vineyard is now surrounded by the small town of St. Helena.  The wines made from this vineyard traditionally have a richness and density of dark berry flavor that makes them irresistible when young.  Petit Verdot is a grape that is normally blended to add structure (tannin) and color in Cabernet Sauvignon blends. 

In this case, Petit Verdot gets to be center stage and adds a firm backbone to the signature dark berry fruit of this vineyard.  This is a good example of a wine looking very young for its age and a great sign of things to come. 
– Robert Bath, MS

2017 Alpha Omega ERA

“The Napa Valley is a great place for Cabernet Sauvignon, but there are unique flavors and character of Cabernet Sauvignon found throughout the Valley.  

In this case, winemaker Henrik Poulsen and Jean Hoefliger have blended an all star team of great vineyards from Mt. Veeder to St. Helena, each has brought something special to the wine.

Although remarkably accessible now, these are the kind of wines that will reward your patience and if you can wait, tasting wines like this at 20 years of age is genuine proof of greatness in place and winemaking.”
– Robert Bath, MS

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